Fan/Follower Growth Campaigns

Social media Fan growth and follower growth campaigns

Build A Targeted Following of People that are Likely to Buy From You!

We’ll target people that are likely to buy from you and grow your following on social media.

Similar to how athletes and performers thrive in the company of fans, your social media presence needs that same energy to succeed. 

As with most things, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your Fans over quantity. But, it’s okay to want quantity, too. A loyal social media audience will engage with your content to propel its Reach, boost awareness, and eventually, convert to customers. Imagine how a large quantity of high-quality Fans could impact your business.

So, how does one go about growing a social media fanbase? We can help answer that.

How Fast Can We Grow Your Fan Base?

First, you need to set a goal to work toward, which in this case should be growing your fanbase by a certain percentage each month. 

  • Instagram’s average Fan Growth Rates range between 1.5 to 2.5 percent per month.
  • Facebook average ranges from .64 to 2.2 percent each month.
  • Twitter’s range constantly fluctuates, but currently, some of the fastest growing accounts are averaging Fan Growth Rates of four percent per month.

When it comes to measuring Fan Growth, it’s important to remember that the percentage rate at which your Fans increase per month matters more than the actual number of new Fans. 

Fan Growth and Paid Ads

In addition to organic and optimized targeting, we can grow your fan base with paid Ads that are targeted to your best customer persona. If you are a new business and are looking at growing your following as fast as possible or planning a Grand Opening Event, this is a great way to fill both your social media, your inbox or walk-ins.

Set up a call today and let’s lay out a strategy that’s perfect for your business.