Web Site Express

Get a fast loading, responsive, beautiful web site that you love & get it quick!

We know that as a small business that time is money. So our team will jump in and deliver a digital marketing plan and a web site you will absolutely love. Yeah, your custom web site will be beautiful but what you love about it is that it will work.

We’ll start with a quick discovery call. We need to get those ideas out of your head. We’ll learn more about you, your business and your clients. Then we’ll get to work.

Your Web Site Express will include:

DomainWe’ll help walk you through pointing your previously registered domain to our servers. Don’t have a domain name yet? We’ll help you choose the perfect one, and include it for free.
Your LogoDon’t have a logo yet? No problem, we’ll design one for you for free.
5 PagesYou’ll get a search engine optimized, 5 page web site complete with custom written content with your images or we’ll choose the perfect images from our inventory of royalty free images.
3 KeywordsWe’ll write content around 3 specific keywords to help you get indexed on Google and other search engines.
Contact FormsMake it easy for your customers to contact you. We’ll set up contact forms that email you a notification and then save that information in a database to help you keep track of the communication.
Social Media LinksGrow your Social Marketing by letting your web site visitors know where you are. If you don’t have Social Media set up yet, no problem, we’ll set that up for you too.
Mobile OptimizedYour new Web Site will be optimized to load fast and on any device, cell phone, iPad, wide screen monitors. Most of your visitors will be coming in from Google search on their cell phone, we’ll make sure it loads fast and is mobile ready.
PortableYou own everything we create for you. Host with us or move your new web site to your own hosting service.
HostingWe’ll provide secure hosting on our cloud based, fully managed hosting platform.
AnalyticsAnalytics & reporting to show how your site is performing.

It’s Affordable

Everything you see above for just $750 or finance it for $250 mo for 4 months.